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NEW TickTalk 2.0 Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch, GPS Phone watch, Anti Lost GPS tracker with New App, Better Positioning Chip, Things To Do Reminder, Phone/Messaging (SIM CARD INCLUDED)

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Manufacturer Description

TickTalk 2 is the 2nd generation of the kid's wrist phone with locator. It comes with the newest technology, more user friendly App and amazing new functions. It allows you to add and track multiple watches under the same account. The Thing To Do Reminders is a routine-creator to help educate your child good habits and learn time management.

1. 12-HOUR REGULAR TIME: The Ticktalk 2 is 12-hour regular time instead of military time and it's auto time zone.

2. TEXT/VOICE MESSAGES: One-way text message from the App to the watch. The voice messages provide a private chat room for you and your child.

3. SOS: If your child is in trouble, he/she can either touch the SOS icon on the screen or hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to call the preset phone number.

4. FIREWALL: When the TickTalk firewall is ON, TickTalk can make or receive phone calls from the preset contacts ONLY.

5. BETTER PAY AS YOU GO PLAN: The TickTalk comes with a free GSM SIM Card, no contract, it runs on T-mobile's network. Follow the Sim Card Activation Instruction to activate the Sim. Your purchase does not include any credit in the SIM card, please credit the SIM before using. We suggest the $9 monthly plan. Please remember to REFILL before your current plan expires.

*TIPS: Please go to the following link for our Instructional SETUP Video; .

6. CHEAPER MONTHLY PLAN FOR T-MOBILE USERS: You can add a new line to your family plan in T-MOBILE if you are a T-Mobile user. You may get better deal. Please take note any WEARABLE or TABLET PLAN is not compatible with the TickTalk. You need a regular cell phone plan with at least 100MB data.

7. SERVICE: We are the original manufacturer and located in California, so we can solve any problem once having your call and email.

Product Features

1.THINGS TO DO: Up to 50 Things To Do Reminders, help parents create routines and tasks for your child. It will show a lovely icon with ringtone on the watch end to remind your child when time is up. It's a fun thing for kids to follow the schedule, learn good habits and time management. 2.PHONE CALLS: Two-way communication between your phone and the TickTalk. Up to 13 Contacts. 3.LOCATOR: The TickTalk 2 uses WiFi + GPS + LBS 3-way locators to provide the accurate location information for indoors and outdoors. It'll report the current location to the App and update on the map. It comes with 2D and 3D Maps. 4.COMPATIBILITY: The App is compatible with all iPhones and Android cell phones. The watch runs on 2G GSM network ONLY. It's compatible with T-mobile, SpeedTalk, US Mobile, Ultra Mobile and Airtime. AT&T, Verizon or Sprint are not compatible. For AT&T, Verizon and Sprint user, you can use the SpeedTalk SIM came with the watch. It's a pay as you go plan, we recommend a $9 monthly plan which is good to go. 5.BETTER PAY AS YOU GO PLAN: The TickTalk comes with a free SpeedTalk SIM Card, no contract, it runs on T-mobile's network. Follow the Sim Card Activation Instruction to activate the Sim and you need to credit the SIM card before using. We suggest the $9 monthly plan.