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M3 NanoPro - Liquid Nano Screen Protection for Smartphones - NO MORE CRACKED SCREEN OR SCRATCHES - BACTERIA RESISTENT - Make Your Screen 1000% STRONGER

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Manufacturer Description

This revolutionary new product from M3 Global Strategies will help protect your phone like never before. Forget all of those big, bulky cell phone cases and ineffective screen protectors. M3 NanoPro Phone screen protector is the newest cell phone protection technology. It protects your phone from scratches and cracked screens simply by applying a liquid to your screen and allowing 6 to 12 hours for it to cure. After that, you have the strongest and most scratch resistant cell phone screen on the planet. M3 NanoPro tested out stronger than Zagg Military Grade and Gorilla Glass both with a MOHS rating of 9+. This is the highest rating of any screen protector available on the market today! So if you are tired of screen protectors that don't protect your screen or big bulky cell phone cases that bulge out of your pocket, then this is your answer. M3 NanoPro Phone screen protector is great for mom's on the go who have a hard time just holding onto the phone and their kids, as well as individuals who are always on the move. M3 NanoPro Phone screen protector will protect your screen from drops, scratches, key marks, coin marks, wear marks or any other sort of daily dangers that impact the integrity of your most precious devices. If you are notorious for having a cracked screen or damaged phone, then this is the product that you have been waiting for. This one is for the MOM's and GERMAPHOBE'S. Not only does this product protect you from scratches and cracks in your screen, but it also makes your phone bacteria resistant. Cell phones have been labeled as the dirtiest surface on the planet.....well not any more. With the cost of this product being equivalent to a big, bulky phone case that makes your phone look like a BRICK from the 80's, then the choice is easy. M3 NanoPro Phone is the only alternative to cracked screens and having to gasp for air every time your phone slips out of your hand unprotected.

Product Features

NO MORE CRACKED SCREENS - M3 NanoPro Phone is the latest in nanotechnology. It offers your cell phone all of the protection of a big, bulky case while maintaining the sleek look your phone was designed with. STRONGEST SCREEN PROTECTION AVAILABLE - M3 NanoPro tested out as the strongest and most durable cell phone screen protector available on the market today. When put up against ZAGG and Gorilla Glass, M3 NanoPro Phone tested out stronger and more resistant to cracks and scratches with a MoHs rating of 9+. The highest rating ever! NO MORE BULKY CELL PHONE CASES - Are you annoyed by those big, bulky cell phone cases? Do you still want that protection without having a huge bulge in your pocket? If you answered yes to either question then, M3 NanoPro Phone is the perfect product for you WATER AND BACTERIA RESISTANT - Cell phones have recently been labeled as the dirtiest surfaces on the planet. The amount of bacteria that can be found on a cell phone screen is scary. M3 NanoPro Phone makes your screen BACTERIA RESISTANT. Mom's don't need to worrying about their kids touching their phone any more. EASY TO APPLY - This product is easy to apply and gives you 2 years of protection. Just clean the screen with packet marked CLEANER. Then wait 5 minutes and wipe your phone with the packet labeled PROTECTOR. Wait 6 hours and buff clear. After 12 hours your phone is protected!