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AEE Technology Action Cam S71 4K 1080P 16MP Slim Body Wi-Fi Waterproof Wireless Action Camera with 2.0-Inch LCD (Black)

Price: $145.00
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Manufacturer Description

AEE Technology MagiCam S714K 1080P 16MP Slim Body Wi-Fi Waterproof Wireless Action Video Camera(Black)

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AEE S71 Action Cam UHD
action camera, action cam, aee, s71, ultra HD, uhd, pov, gopro, hero
AEE S71 Action Cam UHD (w/Waterproof Housing)

Ultra HD/4K/WiFi Remote/10X Zoom/G-sensor

Versatile Ultra HD Performer

Record your adventures far and wide in 4K, 2.7K, 1080p, 960p, or 720p with the world’s best ultra HD action camera, the AEE S71 Action Cam. The S71 Action Camera Kit sets a new standard for versatility. The camera is full of impressive features and the kit includes the most mounts and accessories, a 2 inch LCD color display screen, a remote control, 1/4 inch tripod mount, and a rugged waterproof/dustproof/shockproof case.

More Features than the Competition

The AEE S71 Action Cam can go take on the harshest conditions and still come away with the shot. More advanced than other ultra HD competitors—the S71 Action Cam is wearable and gear-mountable, waterproof up to 32 feet (10m) with standard housing plus an optional IP68-rated housing for depths up to 328 feet (100m), and boasts an impressive 10X zoom, 147-degree wide-angle lens with f/2.7 aperture, better battery life, and higher megapixels. The S71 Action Cam provides unsurpassed image and video capture capabilities. Capture and share videos up to 4K/12 + 15fps, 2.7K/30 + 24fps, 1080p/60fps, 960p/60fps, or 720p/120fps combined with powerful 16-Megapixel photos and 10X zoom that beats the leading competitor. Featuring a robust 1500mAh battery, impressive 300-foot+ (100m) WiFi reach, built-in G-sensor Auto Start/Stop, Super Slow Motion (120fps @720p), and 1/4 inch tripod mount, the AEE S71 Action Cam provides amazing quality at an affordable price. AEE offers our customers the most accessories, whether it's on land, in the air, or under the water.

WiFi: Remote Control + Smart Phone App

The AEE S71 Action Cam Ultra HD comes standard with built-in WiFi with a range of up to 328 feet (100m). You can operate the AEE S71 Action Cam with the supplied Remote Control or with the AEE App for iPhone and Android devices. The AEE Smart phone App also allows you to view and edit your video and audio.

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AEE Action Cameras + UAS
What's Included
  • S71 Action Camera
  • 2 inch LCD Color Display Screen
  • Remote Control
  • Standard Waterproof Housing (10m)
  • Display Cover for Waterproof Housing
  • Lithium Ion Battery (1500mAh)
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Pivot Arm
  • Quick Release Combo
  • USB Cable
  • Anti-Fog Inserts
  • Camera Tether
  • Thumb Screw with Nut
  • Camera Pouch
  • 1-year Warranty Card
Best in Class:

The AEE S71 Action Cam Ultra HD is the best 4K HD camera on the market today. Not only does the AEE S71 come standard with features the competition doesn't hold a candle to like a 10X zoom, it offers a larger standard battery (1500mAh), G-sensor Auto Start/Stop, 16MP photos, 180-degree Auto Image Turnover, 2 inch LCD Display Screen, and 1/4 inch Tripod Mount.

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AEE S71 Action Cam UHD
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WiFi + Smart Phone App Control
180-degree Image Auto Turnover/Flip Image
G-Sensor Auto Start/Stop
Detachable LCD Display Screen

Product Features

Professional Grade Action Camera offering true 4K/ 15fps resolution and 1080p/60 high-definition video,155 degree view video mode captures an immersive wide angle perspective Slim Body with Built in Wi-Fi compatible with the AEE app for Smartphones/Tablets, and the Wi-Fi remote Made from same quality components or better as GoPro mean product quality is excellent and will get just as good image if not better Support 16 mega pixel shooting, boasting an immersive 155 Degree wide-angle lens,12 x digital zoom, two types of metering mode Includes extra sensor - G-Sensor acceleration sense technology means auto start/stop recording function