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3G GPS Watch Phone Call, KKBear Real-time Tracking, Geo-Fence Touch Screen Camera Step Counter SOS Alarm Remote Monitor Anti-Lost Elderly Care Smart Watch with GPS Activity Tracker

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Manufacturer Description

Important reminder:
If you have any problems with the test of the watch and the settings, please contact us. Please be assured that we will help you solve it soon. This will save you more time.

This is a 3G kids and elderly Smart Watch Phone
Compared with other 2G network kids watch, this 3G watch can compatible with more Carriers, such as AT&T and T-mobile network.
(Not support: VERIZON, SPRINT),Also suitable for patients with dementia / Alzheimer's disease.

Frequency band:
GSM 2G/ WCDMA 3G (850/1900).
This Watch can work in North and South America and other regions.

Product Functions:
1. GPS + LBS + WiFi +AGPS multi-mode positioning
2.Two-way call
3. Voice message
5. Remote monitoring
6. Built-in HD Camera
7. Safe Area
8. Non-disturb period
9. History track
10. Alarm clock reminder
11.Multiple Call Alert:Vibration+Ring,Ring,Vibration,Mute
12. More features waiting for you to discover.

How to choose SIM card :
We recommend T-mobile, AT&T carrier in US.
You can purchase sim card on Amazon:
Red Pocket (by AT&T,First recommend):, $10/monthly.
Speedtalk(by T-mobile ):, $5/monthly.
You can also purchase card at the T-mobile or AT&T store. The SIM card requires vioce and data service.

How does it work:
1. Active the SIM card.
2.Keep the watch off. If it is already turned on,enter the set program to shut it down.
3.Insert the micro sim card into the card slot.
4.Turn on the watch. The signal grids on the watch, the watch can be called.
5.Download the App in your mobile, login with the ID number and password 123456 as default.
6. If you want to manage multiple watches with one account, please contact us .

Important reminder: If you have any problems during the test, please contact us at the first time.

Product Features

This is a 3G WCDMA GPS smart watch mobile tracker, perfect for children and the elderly. It is recommended to use AT&T or T-Mobile Micro-Sim card, you can track its location in real time, you can also set the electronic fence, when it enters this fence, the APP will remind you, you can also view the historical track within 6 months , We offer lifetime free service for Android ,IOS application and PC web tracking platform.Our YouTube vedio about how to Multiple call modes: 1.SOS, in an emergency, you can quickly dial your family number with the push of a button. 2, two-way call, after setting up the phone book and white list through the APP, the watch can dial and answer the call through the phone book, 3, Voice monitoring, You can use this function to listen to the sound next to the watch, but the watch can't hear you, the watch screen won't light up. Do Not Disturb Mode: When your child is at school or the elderly are resting, you can set the time period in chronological order to block outside calls. The watch can still dial calls at this time.This watch also has an alarm clock, low battery reminder function, very intimate, The watch also has a voice chat function, The watch and APP can send and receive voices to each other., and a voice does not exceed 15 seconds. Camera Feature: Support for watch photos and remote photos, save 43 photos, support Bluetooth transmission, Far more features waiting for you to discover: Step Counter, Making friends and etc.. IMPORTANT: This watch supports 3G WCDMA network, while most GPS watches on the market support only 2G network. 2G network is going to be shut down in USA, and you must get this watch with 3G compatibility that works perfectly in USA Kind reminder: Black color is with genuine leather watchband, while pink, blue, and grey with silicone watchband. Black genuine leather watchband is a bit longer than silicone watchband, so black is suitable for teens, adults and seniors, while silicone one good for kids, teens and women. Please select the color carefully. If you have any problems in use, please contact us in time, we will reply you to help you solve the problem. Use